Maggi – Now it will take more than 2 Min

Maggi ban this year is the biggest talking point in Indian Business Classes… The brand name “MAGGI” is worth approx. 2000 Cr. Total instant food business in India is 3500 Cr. Nestle spends around 400 Cr. on advertisement in which 150 Cr is allocated to Maggi brand. This shows how financially strong the business was and also how strong the brand is!!!


Which are the other brands which are banned before?

Coke is world’s number one brand in most of the brand audits worldwide. This brand also had an issue in India and also abroad, that it had pesticides in its beverages – which spread like wild fire and sales of Coke Cola India’s Sale dropped 30 % – 40 % over night. Coke took almost 2 years to recover from this damage.

Other brands which were banned recently are Xiaomi, One Plus One, Starbucks, Kellogs so on…I know each brand has its own essence and type of customer feelings towards brand, so recovery strategies and time differ brand to brand. I am strong believer that “Brands Never Die”

Maggi as a Brand

Here we will try and understand how Maggi is different from the other brands. Maggi major Target market is Kids section, where consumers are kids and customers are parents in most of the cases. This fact makes Maggi as a brand more complicated, hence difficult to restore the image.

The fall of Maggi was faster than 2 min for the reason influencers for the purchase are kids and parents where the actual buyers. Any parent is very protective about their kids.

China is number one consumer of fast foods in the world but India as a market has more potential for the instant food business so the growth of the brand was very fast in the past 2 years of time. Other than this as we know brand stood for Healthy, Hygiene, Instant, Modern so on..

Maggi What next?

Nestle as a company would have planned many things like

Employee Salary Deduction
Sacking Employees
Fighting the case against Government
Having strict Quality check policies
Ground level activation (BTL)

More than all these there are few marketing touch points which needs to be looked at very carefully so that brand recovers fast

Don’t leave customer engagement till your back.

Maggi last post in its official face book page was on 5th June. This might be for the only reason that, anything they do now will back fire as customers are angry on them. But the fact is if your customers don’t hear what you’re doing for long time then there are many brands which are waiting to take your place in the mind of customers.

maggi face book

Keep talking to your customer base, whatever it happens!!

We know they can’t talk now conventionally with TVC and Radio, but they should keep customers informed what’s cooking inside. If they fail to do they are inviting competitor (may be in the same industry or different).

Maggi website has some interesting question and answers but they are not interactive. If Maggi does not want negative PR by interacting with customers online they can do one to one interaction if some one sends mail. and Positive responses can be posted in the websites!!!

maggi website

After Maggi is back to market grow slowly, don’t be aggressive.

Most of the brands which come back don’t recover soon as they become desperate for sales. But the fact of the matter is convincing customers to believe in brand again will take time. The more aggressive you become in marketing the more you’ll be back fired.

The best way to do it by educating the customers what corrective measures have begen taken although you were healthy food (you may not be in the past). And engaging the brand in lot of community and health based programs will pull the customers back to loyalty.

In future instead of investing in brand ambassadors it’s better to invest in social causes which will have good PR coverage.

Last words!!

You make your investors and employees believe that the brand will bounce back then it will happen. Gaining internal trust before external marketing is most important.



This is the one of the best moment in the history of India, AAP has given new direction to Indian politics by winning in Delhi election. There are few reasons which are made it happen. When I saw the result and thinking reason behind such shocking numbers, I had few these thoughts in mind.

  1. This was the first party to explore Social Media and its Power

AAP Success Story - Management Approach_html_m2d7ad43f

They made effort to reach in social media, and also had strong base and followers because of ANNA HAZARE “Anti Corruption Moment”. Although there were too many people working without central guidelines they made sure everyone communicated the same, this was one of the greatest achievement. As the team grows people start dragging the issues and the matters to different direction that time the intensity of the communication will be diluted, but in case of AAP some how they could manage to communicate well, but replicating the same all over India is the next challenge for AAP.

The best brains in social media marketing former Star TV CEO Sameer Nair Joined APP. And before AAP Arvind Kejrival and others had huge on-line followers because of Anna’s Campaign, they could easily communicate with many by the click of button. As AAP has simple concept and concentrating on fewer issues the intensity of communication was better and there was no need to put too much of masala in the communication.

AAP Success Story - Management Approach_html_m4430a9b9

  1. First party to use Bottom Up Approach

AAP used only two strategies in the market to keep the media expenses less than 14 Lakh/Candidate which is the norms of election commission.

  1. Door to Door Campaign

Door to Door campaign has bottom up approach. Most of the parties called for bigger meet and highlighted their PM candidate, Bigger hoardings and TVC’s. But AAP went door to door to spoke to people to get the feed back.

In April, AAP launched a door-to-door campaign. At that time They found 72,000 fake voters in some areas of Delhi and informed the Delhi election commission. The campaign went on for two months from April,”

 AAP Success Story - Management Approach_html_m5496dee

  1. Social Media Marketing

AAP Success Story - Management Approach_html_5f714cf8

  1. Brand Mattered not the brand ambassador

Most of the parties campaign on single person name “CM Candidate”. But AAP positioned its self strongly around the issues like Corruption, Right To Reject, Lokpal Bill. The disadvantage of campaigning on the Face of a single person is that – he/she will be targeted all the time and which diverts the whole core ideology of the team . The AAP has remained different as it is led by highly motivated and heterogeneous volunteer network consisting people from a cross strata, which helped them to keep the issues alive in the mind of voters.

  1. Handled issues for its advantage. (Brand Promises)

AAP Success Story - Management Approach_html_3c7e9449

  1. Delhi Rape Cases
  2. Lokpal Bill
  3. Right to Reject the candidate
  4. Political Decentralization
  5. Coal Scam (Many more Scams)
  6. commonwealth scam

We can note that some issues  are created by AAP which are very creative and innovative but no one worried about the implementation part of it. They tried to impose some innovative concepts like Right To Reject, Political Decentralization On Government. This is the only party which started to give out all the data inside the party to the general people and make them feel that they too are the part of AAP. This made them more strong against the critics and complaints imposed on them.

AAP Success Story - Management Approach_html_7705c28d

  1. Decided different strategies for Different Target Group
  1. targeted young by social media and inviting their ideas
  2. Target UN-educated by door-to-door campaign
  3. NEWS Readers by PR Activities
  4. Used best brains who will to do something against corruption (College Bands and IIT Students )
  5. Social workers for the campaign
  6. E-Mailing Campaign for IT and Tech Savvy Professionals

An IITan from Kanpur, Nandan Mishra, who left his job to work as a volunteer, formed a band.They performed at various places in the capital, playing patriotic songs and informing the audience about the party’s objectives.Calling campaign. “According to this campaign, they flashed a mobile number to the people of India and other countries to get their suggestions for the party’s improvement,” Also they had free lancers who are calling their friends and family to tell what AAP is and what are its motives.


There needs to be revolution in Indian Politics and AAP if not succeeds also it has changed the way political leaders think. Other political parties have also understood the tactics which AAP followed and soon they will also work on the smiler lines. Always innovator may not be market leader. It depends how well Delhi lesson will be taken by all the political parties and how well they implement it in their own party.This will decide the future course of parties survival in the race. Delhi election showed that Indian Grass Root people are also understanding bigger issues and are worried. No more voter is worried about smaller issues which he can solve by his own.

You Are What You Are !!!

On bike ride we went to Pondy :D

In Puducherry near Beach Road


Everything is brand… You may or may not agree!!

There are lot of articles and written material on  this. I have gone through many of them. There are few things are inspired by them and few are experienced in life.

Personal Branding

Every person can be called as brand. If you think you are not brand then ask your friend, family, peers and bosses what he/they think about you(charming, angry, creative, emotional, smart working etc). Those are what called brand attributes of you and  you are brand.

Where this personal branding useful

 This is very much useful in

  1. Career – how you behave in your company matters a lot when it comes to your career growth and few attributes makes you stand apart from your peers in the company
  2. Personal life – your family, friends and others who are personally related to you, see some of your characters and help you in tough time or create tough time for you.
  3. Community – you might have community service group or your religion group. They tent to see your brand attribute and decide what contribution you can make. Why people think that out of several that one can lead team and become leader?

You as brand help you in many ways

  • Keeping current profession/job
  • Getting promoted
  • Finding Better job
  • Landing consulting work
  • Networking with others in the community
  • Identify volunteer opportunity

Branding is perception Management – Its always not true in Personal Branding

Yeah!!! When it come to product, Branding is perception Management but not in-case of personal branding. You cant hide your attribute in all the situations and scenarios. But you can change them over the period of time. If one believes that branding is perception management then such brand may not survive for long run  and in all possible situations  

Be your self – don’t get carried away by creating what you’re not !!!

 Most of the people try to show what they are not!! This makes actual brand attributes hidden and their attribute may not create an impact in the surrounding.

Hitler was cruel and Gandhi believed in peace both are brands by themselves and had many followers  Both never tried to portray what they are not.

Always stand out side the situation and think – Only after standing outside the circle you can see the  full view of it.

 When it come to making decision in career, personal and community based problems most of the people carried away by the situation . One who does not carried away by the situation create differentiation, his brand will be on top of the others. Full circle is visible only standing outside the circle not standing inside the circle.


God is the only Creator

God is the only one who can create, Rest all is copy paste.

 I have met many creative professions, they speak that they can get something new on board. But can person create something new? I don’t think so. Creative professionals are having very good observational capacity in linking many things. They can only learn from their surrounding and link many-things to come up with idea. As Dhiru Bhai Ambani said –

 “Ideas are no one’s monopoly”

 We fail to present our ideas sometimes, the main reason being – If we present them then some one else might use them and become famous!!! This type of notion is there in most of the youngsters so they hide their ideas.

 Do you think waiting for right opportunity and hiding your ideas will help you?

 No. Once you throw all the ideas to others, you tend to search for the new ideas, else you’ll be in notion that you know everything and your growth will be stagnant. If you want to think more creatively keep throwing your ideas to the public, so that you feel that your are short of ideas and come up with new again and again. I have been asked why do you share your ideas with many!!! The reason being, I want to omit it and come up with something new. Once in your organisation subordinate are ready to take your position then only you can move to the next.  Don’t you think so!!

 Creative idea is not about how much crazy idea you can give, it’s about making simple idea look crazy

 There are many instances in creative business that the best ideas will get rejected  The main reason for such failure is – how much effectively its presented to the decision maker.

 Mathematics is structured ; Creativity is random – and  are two different poles?

 No. There was thinking that creative professionals are more vulnerable and unstructured. Creativity comes out only in situation of randomness (true only sometimes). But now most of the creative professionals are more structured and calculative in business .

There is no rule that the most creative Ads will be successful. There needs to be proper calculation for making an ad. There are many things involved in solving problem in creative thinking  Creative thinker will also has knowledge in many subject matters and he can adapt them according to the situation to solve the problem differently. But in our education system has compartmentalized the subjects and has killed creative thinking and problem solving ability  among youngsters.

So you want to be more creative and solve problems in creative manner then keep absorbing the knowledge from where ever you get. Who knows that will be your solution to the problem some time in future.

By- Shiva

Living Your Dream ~ talent is hardly something to do with success now a days


We live for something and that may change or may not change lifelong. Let it be personal goal or professional. Most of the successful people speak about sticking to the same goal and striving hard, but before having faith in such colorful words; ask some failures why they failed.

We always tend to follow great people and their sayings, as their stories are communicated to society for motivational purpose but we never communicate failure stories so that we shouldn’t make such mistakes.

“Today’s Problems come from yesterday’s Solutions.”(Taken from systems thinking Law). Doesn’t this world look like never ending loop? You solve problem and that solution becomes problem in future for you.

I was speaking to some youngsters who want to be famous and successful in their life, I appreciate the zeal and the amount of hard work they do to achieve their dream, but most of them break when they fail to live that dream. Living your dream does not mean that your looser once you fail in that, it’s about living new dream when you have lost one. Without dream life is nothing, dream keeps you going and motivated.

Dream might be realistic or un realistic but you should dream it and stick to it as long as it give you happiness of living, the day when it starts hurting, you start living new dream which keeps you happy. This is how we can be happy. If your living right dream and your luck (talent + opportunity) matches your dream will come true.

I was listening to speech of Mr. Harsha Bogle who is cricket commentator. He defined luck with so much of perfection – Luck is talent plus opportunity, from that day I started believing in luck. There are many talented people which great god gifts but they may not get one breakthrough (opportunity) which makes them visible to the world. In such case one shouldn’t break and live their dream till the end, that’s how you can keep yourself happy for ever. And talent is hardly something to do with success now a days. This is truth and every one is talented and done be afraid of failure.


Shivaprasad Ramarao

iphone 5 series ~ Making apple bleeding blood


Sometime it’s difficult to judge what is right and what is wrong. But there are instances where few decisions are made against the basic principles followed many years in the industry. Logically speaking such decisions may not succeed and smart companies change such decisions early before falling.
C level executives are always blind folded by the actual reality reason being lack of ground level studies, fast growing technology, and lack of futuristic view. Till now whatever I have discussed is in general, let me justify with few recent example.
Launch of 5C iPhone.
After losing Steve jobs Apple has lost its vision. There were basic mistakes done while launching iPhone 5S and also 5C. We can’t find any positioning strategy is followed by Apple. If any company is launching new product, one need to study its Target Market (TG) to whom it is catered. Apple promised that 5C was targeted towards growing market like India and China, but they have miserably failed.

There might be following possibilities

1. The product development was not creative and innovative enough to get some new features on boards (which are suitable for developing country like India).
2. Development team started at certain point and ended reaching the same point and company was desperate to launch product so they launched without seeing left and right.
3. Pricing will be major aspect where apple failed. With this pricing they can’t penetrate in growing market.

But now the game has begun, as per the calculation on paper apple is not going to win war against android phone in growing market. Galaxy W789, Note 3, Samsung Galaxy Golden, HTC One Max, Canvas Fun, HTC Zara many more launches yet to come in coming years, Nokia mobile division is overtaken by Microsoft so there will be tough competition for Apple in coming years for its survival from Android and Windows 8 O S.

Apple should be aggressive in marketing 5C in developing market and hope for magic to happen. Also if Apple wants to get its glory back then company need to launch IPhone 6 in the first half of 2014 in big way. Hoping for the best

Apple Fan

Stop Blame Game!!! Start Building Brand

blame game

Few days back when I was visiting stores in the market, I heard some shocking insight about the products. Most of the top brands do not have their own production. Also Most of the brands purchase from the same vendors (raw material or parts of the product). This made me write this –

Few years back there was a concept of product blame but now it has moved it to brand blame. 21st century there is no much difference between products but there is a difference what they mean to customer, what they communicate to customer.

Thousands of companies and millions of products in the market, all with same specification, size, quality and colour but different logo!!! That makes difference when consumer does decision of buying or not buying product.

This makes brand makes inevitable while buying product. But there is no fix formula to build brand, I wish to know if there is one!

There needs to be clear understanding of the Target Customers, most of the brands fail to understand to whom they are catering and why they are buying. The main reason behind this is unorganized scatter retail sector in India. 100% tracking product from production till customer is almost impossible. If one want to track there need to be huge MIS support and also investment for such system.